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AED Locations

Pinpoints the location of the nearest defibrillator (AED)

Popular with emergency services and members of the public. Available on iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

Rapidly geolocates the user and displays the nearest AEDs. The app then routes them to selected AED so that the life saving intervention can be used at the time critical moment. When offline, this app continues to work via the use of an internally stored AED locations database.

  • Location APIs to obtain device position
  • iOS app developed with Swift
  • Android app developed with Kotlin
  • PWA-style mobile web app developed with HTML5
  • Offline capability with ebedded SQLite database on native platforms
  • Embedded maps using iOS Maps API, Android Google API and mobile web Mapbox.js
  • Use of Mapbox Routing APIs
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Speedy inspections for cars, trucks, machinery and more.

Captures vehicle images and metadata, optimised for inspector efficiency. Background uploading enables zero-delay operations. Configure different inspection types for bespoke requirements.

  • React Native used for iOS and Android implementation
  • iOS and Android Camera APIs
  • Authentication with JWT
  • Offline support with deferred inspection uploads
  • Background uploading of inspections
  • White-label support
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Energy Retailer

Real-time electricity app enables both carbon and payment minimisation

Users can take advantage of low power prices and subsequently reduces their monthly costs. As well as displaying the current spot price, the app sends alerts when the prices are significantly high or low and also provides a forecast of future prices.

  • Native iPhone and Android apps
  • Hyrid native/web implementation using WebViews
  • Push notifications
  • Interacts real-time with back-end web app
  • Secure. Authenticate users with OAuth to access their private data.
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Record the location of important assets

Scan the barcode on an important asset, and record the location using the device’s GPS. At the end-user level it’s a foolproof scanner. At the business-end this app gives a comprehensive report and analysis of company stock and whereabouts, using a cloud-based API.

Combines simple GPS coordinates with depot/site boundary fences and asset history, to create higher value constructs such as leasing terms for clients, and more.

  • Android Java
  • Location APIs
  • 1D and 2D barcode scanning
  • OAuth authentication
  • Geospatial boundary fences
  • Offline support with deferred uploads
  • Audio APIs
  • Embedded Google Map
  • Push notifications for data synchronisation
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Explore values, sales histories & council records

This app helps people make smart property decisions by using data provided by local councils in addition to layers of open data to provide a big picture of each property and its surrounding community. Our front-end and API development services included a mobile-first static website, a mobile-first SPA app and a pattern library governing the UI for both mobile and web.

  • Responsive PWA style app with mobile and desktop support
  • Serverless solution deployed to Amazon S3/Cloudfront
  • Based on Angular.js framework
  • Embedded Google Maps content rendered with Leaflet.js
  • Interactive street and suburb search with AddressFinder
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Digital Divide

Interactive report on digital and social inequality

This mobile web app makes it quick and easy to see inequality and opportunities. It helps shape plans for digital investment and resource allocation. The app is used by both social services and the tech industry, to identify areas of need. Map layers show inequality metadata. The correlation between social well-being and digital inclusion can be visualised for each geographical area.

  • PWA style app with a responsive interface for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Serverless solution deployed to Amazon S3/Cloudfront
  • Interactive map using Mapbox.js
  • Koordinates API with raster tiles
  • Statistics NZ Area Units
  • National broadband map data utilisation
  • OECD, Census and LINZ address data
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