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RealMe Address Verification Service

Verifies a person’s home address for sharing with government agencies and organisations.

Orchestrates the workflow between RealMe and NZ Post to capture addresses, verify them with a physical letter and secret code, and share that verification state with the RealMe service. This efficiently enables the sharing of the verified address status between multiple government agencies and partner organisations.

  • Login with RealMe capability
  • Shared authentication session between RealMe and NZ Post
  • API integration with NZ Post mail sending services
  • API integration with Dept of Internal Affairs and RealMe
  • Microservices based architecture
  • Ruby on Rails based solution
  • AWS cloud infrastructure
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Diagnostics Lab System

Building family trees from cow DNA.

A cloud based back office system for managing lab samples from ordering, scheduling into the lab, sample receipting, fulfilling, and billing. The system integrates with several lab systems, the sampled DNA is collected, stored in the cloud and processed to find parentage, test for diseases, and other DNA traits such as A2.

  • React JS front ends
  • GraphQL APIs
  • Elixir with Phoenix Framework
  • Bounded context APIs
  • Docker deployed to AWS cloud infrastructure
  • RDS, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Concourse
  • Integrates with SAP for extracting customer data and final billing
  • Terraform to manage infrastructure as code
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Digital Bank Onboarding

Account creation and identity confirmation for new customers.

Worked with the bank to deliver an onboarding user interface backed by a pilot version of a new digital bank. A range of services were developed and deployed in the cloud to enable onboarding and account creation for new customers.

  • Microservice architecture
  • Ruby on Rails based solution
  • AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Rest-based APIs
  • Integration with SOAP API backends
  • RabbitMQ messaging
  • Vault for encryption
  • Terraform to manage infrastructure as code
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Pinnacle Investment Management

Integration services between Pinnacle’s systems and Sharesight’s to enable a user-friendly display of transaction and performance data.

Pinnacle wanted to allow their customers to view the transactions and performance of their investments. Sharesight offered such a solution. Abletech worked with both Pinnacle and Sharesight to design and build a solution to bring financial transaction data into Sharesight’s platform.

Abletech facilitated onboarding of customers into new Sharesight portfolios, invitation emails and financial data transformation and synchronisation.

  • Customer onboarding to Sharesight
  • Welcome emails sent using Amazon Simple Email Service
  • System integration using SFTP services
  • Data transformation from a unique Microsoft XLS format into Sharesight compatible JSON
  • Source file archiving with Amazon S3 service
  • Ruby on Rails based
  • Administrative portal
  • Amazon cloud based deployment
  • Cloud 66 managed infrastructure
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Radio NZ website

Abletech migrated RNZ’s legacy CMS based solution to a real-time fit-for-purpose media system.

The hierarchical nature of the older CMS based solution was time consuming and costly to maintain. The heavy caching required to keep a high-traffic website performant did not match the real-time needs of a competitive news organisation.

Abletech worked with Radio NZ to understand the individual requirements of each part of the website, and composed a new architecture that would be both maintenance efficient, as well as performant without the need for heavy caching. The solution was incrementally delivered, reduced RNZ’s administrative burden, and became one of NZ’s fastest media websites.

  • Ruby on Rails based solution
  • Integration with RNZ’s internal news systems
  • Internally hosted infrastructure
  • MySQL database
  • Full-text search with Apache Solr
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NZ Post Online Services

Helped bring NZ Post into the online world with public facing APIs and online services such as YouShop and ParcelPods.

Worked with Post’s online team to design and build many microservices and APIs that exposed offline capabilities to the public website as well as partner organisations.

Examples of other services that Abletech built are:

  • YouShop - provides overseas addresses for NZ customers who want to buy international products
  • ParcelPods - these secure lockers allow people to receive parcels in common public areas such as railway stations and shopping centres. Abletech managed the provision of a virtual addresses, delivery workflow and customer notification for the delivery of parcels
  • RealMe Addresses - sharing verified addresses with the government and commercial sector
  • Rating Services - calculating costs of shipping for both domestic and international parcels
  • Tracking Services - monitoring the movements of parcels in NZ and overseas
  • Prepaid Postage - printable PDFs that contain pre-paid postage and delivery data

  • RESTful public APIs
  • Microservices based architecture
  • System Integration with many different third party supplies
  • Ruby on Rails framework
  • Third party authentication capabilities such as Login with RealMe, TradeMe, and Facebook
  • Datacom data centre infrastructure
  • Parcel delivery Twitter-bot agent
  • QR codes generation
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