Article | App matches Clients with Consultants

App matches Clients with Consultants

Abletecher Matt Lee built an app for Planit Software Testing. It generates a specific CV to match clients with consultants

Matt purpose-built the appliction for Planit Software Testing for his Honours project towards his Software Engineering degree at Victoria University of Wellington. He recently showcased his work to industry professionals and academics from the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

The client

Planit helps people test applications they’ve developed. Their consultants do independent evaluations. They give advice on processes and technologies used.

Planit want to let their clients select a consultant whose skills and experience best match their needs. The client will be able to choose the consultant they most want to work with.

To align with Planit’s international business model, the app needs to use the existing Planit format, be accurate, and scalable.

The app

Matt quickly got up-to-speed with Planit’s business model and existing technology. Next he researched profile generation and document creation. Then Matt built an app that can search and manage consultant profiles. The search information generates a CV, in a specific Planit format, that Planit can use in all their branches as far afield as India and the UK.

Matt also researched how to optimise accuracy. To maintain Planit’s business reputation, the match between client and consultant had to be accurate. It also had to be scalable; Planit have over 1000 consultants worldwide.

Planit are really happy with the product. Their consultants like it too. Planit are looking at deploying the app at their Wellington office initially, then at other branches.

CV Generation & Matching Application for Planit Software Testing

CV Generation & Matching Application for Planit Software Testing

The presentation

The presentation of the app was held in the Alan MacDiarmid Building at VUW’s Kelburn Campus. Attendees were welcomed by the Dean of Engineering — Prof Dale Carnegie. There were a number of final year presentations showcasing topics such as visualising road traffic data, a virtual reality simulation of radiation therapy and a historic site tool.

Matt says it was an honour to be chosen to present his project to academics, and business people, who work in engineering and computer science. He says it was also nerve-wracking. Thankfully everyone was very impressed, and supportive, and he’s pleased he got the opportunity to showcase his work.

Carl Penwarden was delighted to be in the audience to witness Matt’s superb presentation skills. Here at Abletech we’re impressed with the depth of Matt’s research and the success of the app he built. Most of all we’re super-happy to now have Matt on the Abletech team long-term 😁

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