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The Abletech way

The Abletech way

Smarts in product development, production and distribution. Got an idea for a new app or other IT product? Starting one from scratch? Keen to put an existing plan into action?

If you’d like some expert advice and support, talk to us about an Abletech discovery workshop. Together, we’ll transform your vision into practical reality!

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Join us for a discovery workshop and we’ll soon establish a plan for action.

Together, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • your product users and their goals, characteristics and roles
  • the journey on which you’d like to take them
  • your product’s key features and benefits
  • what you need to do to implement your product, and any barriers to be overcome
  • the roadmap for delivering your product.

Using this understanding of your product’s unique characteristics, we can help you with a design and implementation strategy. This will cover topics such as:

  • product validation: establishing a strategy to achieve market traction and product acceptance
  • funding (if you need it): sourcing external providers or finding and securing product partnerships
  • the user experience (UX): exploring ways to surprise and delight your clients, including through user testing and product refinement.

Once your product and business plan is in place, we can help with the build phase. This includes:

  • designing the structure of your product
  • testing prototypes and click-throughs
  • deciding on your product development options – new build or off the shelf, or a combination of both
  • getting estimates of costs and the likely timeline from start to finish.
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