Article | Elixir keeps running

Elixir keeps running

Eighteen months ago I deployed my first Elixir application. It sits in-front of a badly written PHP app (not ours — we don’t php or write bad apps😂) and checks security tokens, and permission when accessing server resources. It was my first production deployment of an Elixir application. I chose Elixir for its performance as a proxy service along with the custom database integration and security logic that would be demanded for the project in hand.

What I have been really impressed by, is that the same app has been running for 18 months and has not been recycled, redeloyed, restarted or anything. Check out the memory footprint 1 year on…

At Abletech we have Elixir firmly on our radar and keep this tool on the ready for any other projects that will suit its sweetspot of high performance, highly reliant beautiful code.

Several of us are bidding to attend Elixir Conf 2017. Come talk to us if you have any projects that could do with a bit of Elixir magic — Abletech will be very keen to help.

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