Article | Keep Abletech in your Facebook feed

Keep Abletech in your Facebook feed

Update your FB settings to stay up-to-date. Here’s how:

Facebook recently changed their algorithms. Your newsfeed is going to show more from your friends and less from pages you follow.

Thankfully you can adjust your settings to stay up-to-date with your favourite pages.

Here’s how to do just that.

Keep Abletech’s page in your Facebook feed

Prioritise us in your news feed.

Do this on your mobile by going to the more icon (three lines) at the bottom right. Scroll down to your Settings then go to News Feed Preferences. There you can Prioritise Who to See First.

If you’re on your computer, go to our Facebook page, select the Following button and select See First.

When you like, comment or tag a post it keeps a page/friend/algorithm active.

Here’s to staying in touch 🥂

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