Article | WebSockets multi-player game

WebSockets multi-player game

Live game prototype demo

Alex has been working on a game prototype that mimics Jackbox TV games. At our recent Tech Talk he gave us a demo and showed us what he’s built so far.

At this stage the app is in a basic raw form with no styling, but it works. We had multi-players involved in Alexandre’s live demo.

This version of Apples to Apples works like this:

  • The main page keeps track of scores and shows a question for each round

  • Each round has a randomly assigned judge. All other players are participants

  • Participants submit their answer based on the current question

  • When everyone has submitted an answer, the judge decides on which answer is best

  • A point is given to the participant who submitted the judge’s preferred answer

  • Rounds proceed until someone reaches three points

Watch a live demo of the prototype

Watch a live demo of the prototype

To avoid refreshing pages manually we use websockets. The main page subscribed to a game channel while players subscribed a player channel. For the game to flow naturally each channel gives live instructions on what to do next to the players and main page.

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