Preferred software development supplier for NZ government

Preferred software development supplier for NZ government

Custom software development with Abletech

Abletech has been assessed and approved to supply services to all NZ government agencies.

Marketplace simplifies procurement. When any public sector agency has digital requirements it can go straight to the services listed on Marketplace where the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has prequalified suppliers based on track record, personnel, experience, capability and security. Abletech is a DIA approved supplier.

Agencies speed up procurement by using Marketplace. They find and compare the services that best suit their needs and budget, and engage suppliers.

What does Abletech offer?

The DIA has approved Abletech to supply specific services including Back-end Development, Cloud Transition Services, Business Intelligence, Information Architecture, Data Mining: Analysis, Tools & Analytics, Front-end Development and Native Application Development.

As a custom software development company, we have expertise in providing infrastructure design, implementation and support, bespoke development, DevOps consulting, database performance consulting, software lifecycle services, platform migration services, technical strategy development and reviews, and global infrastructure services. Our processes are tried and true.

We have a number of support options to suit applications of varying size and complexity. We ensure ongoing privacy and security protection, and we have senior software engineers on support teams. All this has been assessed and approved by the DIA.

We’re known for our bespoke solutions — we build reliable software that’s easy to maintain. Any registered government agency can come straight to Abletech and contract us to supply multiple digital services.

How does it work?

Pae Hokohoko, or Marketplace, makes it easy to select a supplier. Government agencies check out the Marketplace options when they want to buy a product or service, then they engage with a supplier.

Marketplace gives all agencies access to innovative tech expertise by making the engagement and procurement process fast, easy and reliable. The contracting process is easy too because Abletech has been prequalified and approved.

We’re proud that Abletech has been selected as a supplier of choice. Abletech is New Zealand owned and proud to support our public sector by serving the people of New Zealand.

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