Article | A Licence to Leap

A Licence to Leap

You’re skydiving and your parachute cord snaps. What do you do?

Oliver gained his Accelerated Free Fall licence on Sunday, but his weekend jumps were memorable in more than one way.

Abletecher Oliver Greenaway’s been spending his spare time jumping towards achieving his Accelerated Free Fall licence. This weekend he got his licence and he certainly earned it.

During one of his jumps, as Oliver’s main canopy opened, his left steering line snapped.

This meant Oliver couldn’t fully control his canopy for landing. In typically calm Oliver style he assessed his options and made a decision to detach himself from his main canopy.

Yes he disconnected from his main parachute!

He did this using his cutaway handle then he deployed his reserve canopy.

We’re glad he showed up for work safe and sound at Abletech on Monday.

Congratulations on gaining your licence to skydive solo all over the world Oliver!

Watch a video from one of the weekend’s jumps where things went more according to plan:

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