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Winter has hit Wellington ❄️ Our team took a trip to the Sustainability Trust and learned all the options for keeping our homes warm.

Vishal Gurudutt is the ultimate expert. He took us through everything and told us all the latest products and innovations available for everything from draft-stopping to recycling. On the matter of draft stopping it turns out there’s a great new alternative to the old sticky-foam-strips!

Sustainability Trust helps people to create warmer homes and have less impact on the environment. They’re energy efficiency experts, providing independent advice and products which result in drier, healthier homes.

The EcoCentre in Forresters Lane is almost entirely fitted out from upcycled construction ‘waste’. Their curtain bank receives donations of around 2500 pairs of curtains per year that they size, line and give out at no charge to low income families in the community.

Sustainability Trust is an inspiring social enterprise. It has significant positive and environmental impact in our community. Our workshop with Vishal Gurudutt was mainly about home energy efficiency, insulation and heating. But we also discussed e-waste, recycling polystyrene, solar power, storage, electric vehicles and all things eco.

The Trust invests profits into award-winning community programmes that empower people to live more sustainably. They also do in-home advice, workshops, events, and sell products both online and in-store that support sustainable living .

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