Article | Heart Health Awareness Month and AED Locations

Heart Health Awareness Month and AED Locations

February marks Heart Health Awareness Month and a good time to give Abletech’s not-for-profit community project AEDLocations a plug.

AEDLocations empowers its users to be potential life savers. The app works using a location database with over 17,000 defibrillator locations. The nearest AED’s will be displayed on a map with a list ordered by proximity and availability. Once the location is selected, details about the device and also directions can be shown.

As well as many publicised instances where the AEDLocations app has been used to save lives, our own Business Development Manager, Jaron Marsh, had his own personal experience at a Christmas event when someone collapsed without warning. With knowledge of the app, this led Jaron to quickly and calmly respond and locate the nearest defibrillator just around the corner at the fire station. Knocking on their door triggered a team of first responders to arrive on site with their AED (to the surprise of the people still on the phone to 111) and within minutes they had attended to the person.

Does your business have a defibrillator available? Is it registered in the AEDLocations database? If not you can add it here.

Download the iOS app, the Android app or run directly from the browser.

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