Article | KiwiBoogie 2017

KiwiBoogie 2017

Last week I went down to Ashburton for a week of Skydiving with 70 other Skydivers, here’s a video from the first day produced by the Boogie.

We also made the news!

Top skydivers from around the world gather in Ashburton for adrenaline fuelled festival The fourth annual Kiwi Boogie is a chance for elite thrill seekers to hone their craft.

The Boogie is an annual event put on by Skydiving Kiwis, can’t wait for next year’s Boogie!

Skydiving Kiwis | #1 Skydiving Place in Canterbury Who said kiwis can't fly? Join Skydiving Kiwis in the adventure of a lifetime - The #1 place in Canterbury to do all…

Kiwi Boogie hit the headlines this week

Kiwi Boogie hit the headlines this week

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