Article | Learning and supporting new technology

Learning and supporting new technology

Keeping up with new technology is important. From time to time we see technology emerge that really excites us. Ruby on Rails was once a brand new web application framework. We reckon Elixir could track along a similar path to success.

In 2006 Abletecher Michael Koziarski gave a popular overview of Ruby on Rails at a Wellington Webstock conference. That same year he also spoke at RailsConf Europe in London. Ruby on Rails has continued to grow and Abletechers, keen on the efficient technology, have grown in their knowledge and practical implementation of it.

Over the years, Abletechers have met with other Rails enthusiasts on a regular basis. A local Wellington Rails user group formed, called Well Railed. There have been regular camps, meetups, community events, conferences, workshops and hackdays.

In 2010 Rails Girls was founded and it’s become an excellent entry-point for women interested in Ruby on Rails. It’s exciting to see Rails Girls offering training in a casual, supportive and friendly atmosphere.

In October 2010 Abletech ran an intense three day training course: Speed Rails. By July 2012 Abletech was running a Ruby on Rails bootcamp for Summer of Tech.

At Abletech we still use Ruby on Rails; it continues to work well with agile development techniques.

Just as we were interested in Ruby on Rails right from the beginning, we still keep a keen eye on new technologies that have the potential to make development more efficient. To this end we’ve been looking at a more recent technology, Elixir, that looks like it also has the potential to make ground-breaking advancements in software development. It’s an exciting time to be a developer!

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