Article | Provider of choice for the New Zealand Government

Provider of choice for the New Zealand Government

Pae Hokohoko | Marketplace

When agencies in New Zealand’s public sector need the services that Abletech provides, they simply visit Pae Hokohoko | Marketplace to find us.

This online service lists an extensive range of organisations that have been pre-qualified to provide an equally extensive range of products and services to government agencies. Every provider has been assessed according to its track record, personnel, experience, capabilities and security.

The great thing about Marketplace is that buyer agencies have instant access to information on services and products, and it covers the whole procurement process, from search to confirmation. As the Marketplace website states, “It’s radically simplifying the initial primary procurement process, reducing the barriers for suppliers engaging with government – and making it easier for agencies to access innovation.”

Spanning the spectrum

Abletech offers government agencies a range of approved digital services, spanning back- and front- end development, cloud-transition, business intelligence, information architecture, data mining and analysis, tools and analytics, and native application development.

We also offer tried and tested software-development services that include:

  • infrastructure design, implementation and support
  • bespoke development
  • DevOps consulting
  • database performance consulting
  • software-lifecycle services
  • platform migration services
  • technical strategy development and reviews
  • global infrastructure services.

Keen to know more? We’d love to talk!

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