Article | One Rai$ed Bed — 3

One Rai$ed Bed — 3

What to plant

A few things floated around my mind when deciding what to plant. These things included:

  • What will have the biggest impact of the income side of the ledger?

  • What looks good in a raised bed?

  • What grows well in Wellington?

Ideally I’d plant vegetables that are expensive, vibrant, look and taste delicious and would thrive in windy, cloud filled skies.

On the other hand, I’m keen to be fair and sensible. I know that I don’t spend much money on expensive vegetables so if I planted them for their high price tag only I would be cheating. Furthermore, as I am the one who will be eating these veggies I want to grow things I know I will eat.

After weighing up all of these factors I came up with the following:

  • Spinach— Medium cost — look great — healthy — happy in Welly
  • Radishes — Medium cost — look great — delicious in salads — happy in Welly
  • Beetroot — Medium cost — look great — roasted/salads — happy in Welly
  • Celery — Low cost — look average — soups/salads — happy in Welly
  • Capsicum — High cost — look good — good all rounder — unhappy in Welly
  • Kumara — High cost — look good — yum — unknown growth in Welly
  • Onions— Low cost — look good — good all rounder — happy in Welly
  • Garlic — Medium cost — look good — good all rounder — happy in winter
  • Ginger — High cost — look great — good addition — unknown in Welly
  • Turmeric — High cost — look great — good addition — unknown in Welly
  • Tomatoes — High cost — look great — good all rounder — variable in Welly

Okay it’s a massive big list. I won’t put everything in at the start. Some might be backups, others will not be included, some will replace crops once they have been harvested and others will just be kept in mind for winter.

For Spring planting I have narrowed it down to: Spinach, Radishes, Perpetual Silver Beet, Beetroot, Chinese Cabbage, Capsicum, Tomatoes.

I am most nervous about the Capsicum and Tomatoes as they need lots of sunlight and don’t enjoy the wind. On the other hand, tomatoes always look great in a garden regardless of their productivity.

I am avoiding planting Ginger and Turmeric as I think they require more tropical temperatures than Wellington can provide. They can go in the glass house.

Current Income & Expenditure as at Sept 17

Current Income & Expenditure as at Sept 17

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