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RealESmart - Investment property calculator


At Resolve, we work with businesses and organisations to create innovative and practical management solutions to exceptional and high performing teams and streamlined systems. Our business, growth and legal experience will add value, increase effectiveness, improve profit, increase team engagement and customer/client experiences for any organisation. With a sub-specialist interest in property and its management, Resolve assists its clients whether not for profits or private businesses to ensure its property portfolio is managed exceptionally well to deliver its purpose.

Legal and Dispute Resolution:

At Resolve, we help turn issues into opportunities. We have legal and mediation expertise to assist our clients to work towards resolution of any disputes.

With a sub-specialist interest in property and having practised business, commercial and property law, we provide current and relevant legal advice on property, general business and commercial matters. With a sub-specialty interest in unit titled, commercial and residential properties, at Resolve we help our clients navigate through their options.

Property Management:

At Resolve, we manage a small portfolio of residential properties throughout the Wellington region as a blueprint for best practice to support our investor clients and the property management businesses that we work with throughout New Zealand. Our wealth of experience, industry memberships and best practice methodologies ensures that our business clients benefit from our experience and business processes. We lead the way in ensuring our investors and tenants enjoy a high calibre and professional property management service.

Inspect Realestate:

In partnership with for New Zealand, Resolve assists Inspect Realestate and to deliver a suite of quality property management and business growth tools to the property management industry.

Property data you can count on

RealESmart is an online calculator that helps with residential property decision-making. It calculates both investment and yield.

For people buying their first home, considering major renovations or looking at buying a rental property, the RealESmart calculator brings together a range of data from independent and highly reliable sources, enabling people to understand not just the costs of meeting a mortgage, but also other costs like rates and insurance premiums.

It also calculates the returns you might expect – what you could earn if you needed to rent your house out, and what your return on investment would be if you are buying a house for rental purposes.

Our RealESmart property investment calculator has been developed to 'take away the pain and lift the gain' by bringing together independently sourced and highly reliable data sets, building a back-end that can calculate everything from rental appraisals to investment yields, and delivering an interface that is easy to use and fast to deliver.

Now everyone has a tool to help make the best decisions on their property journey.

The idea came from property consultant Vesna Wells who previously used a spreadsheet to help with property investment decisions. The spreadsheet was good, but her team of property professionals at Resolve knew it could be better.

We consulted experts in real estate, property management, investing, first home buyers, renters, property managers, IT and marketing specialists to share their user experience

— Vesna Wells CEO Resolve, founder RealESmart

Turning the spreadsheet into an online calculator made sense. RealESmart is making quite an impact with hundreds of people using it for property income, expense and yield calculations, appraisals, comparisons and more.


Vesna and Craig from Resolve needed a calculator that could take market data from trusted sources and calculate the return on investment. They engaged Abletech to build RealESmart. At its simplest RealESmart provides free fast rental appraisals, and the premium features give multiple property investors everything they need.

We connected with reliable and respected platforms that provide excellent market data, as well as applying our own industry understanding, to enable an intelligent and seamless user experience

— Vesna Wells CEO Resolve, founder RealESmart

RealESmart draws on reliable market data from CoreLogic, MBIE and Resolve’s analyses so that any property investor can make informed decisions about potential investments.

The third-party integrations with datasets like CoreLogic have given RealESmart excellent usability

— Joseph Leniston Abletech Team Lead

The process

Resolve used a collaborative Agile methodology to build the calculator. Together, Abletech and Resolve did the work in phases. Each phase was separated into sprints with established markers. These gave both Resolve and Abletech shared expectations, and constant visibility, of exactly what was happening. The Agile process combined face-to-face meetings with stand-ups and online workflow collaboration. Everyone was kept in the loop at all times.

How does Agile work?

With an Agile process teams work collaboratively. Requirements and solutions are set. Flexible plans are made. Early delivery is shared and continually improved. Changes are made as required.

Stand-ups were scheduled. Stories were set and put into a shared activity interface so everyone could track progress. Acceptance criteria were added to each story. A definition of ‘done’ was agreed.

Our Definition of Done was when each sprint was built and deployed into staging for Resolve to assess it and identify any bugs. After we fixed the bugs each sprint was signed off before being deployed into production

— Joseph Leniston Abletech Team Lead

The team at Resolve built an innovative user-friendly tool for property investors that uses up-to-date property market data. The calculator is popular with property enthusiasts, buyers and investors. Watch this space; the RealESmart team has more features in the pipeline.

From mum and dad investors, property managers, real estate professionals and aligned property professionals (business brokers, mortgage brokers, accountants), we have received fantastic feedback that they find RealESmart really easy to use

— Vesna Wells CEO Resolve, founder RealESmart

What does RealESmart do?

RealESmart calculates both investment and yield.

✔ Rental appraisals
✔ Mortgage calculations
✔ Property performance yield stats
✔ Investment forecasting
✔ Customisable property settings
✔ Annual expenses
✔ Save unlimited properties
✔ Property ranking and comparison
✔ Printable broker/bank reports
✔ Advanced property details
✔ Property history details
✔ Property photos

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