Article | Sharesight in Trade Delegation

Sharesight in Trade Delegation

Sharesight in London

Sharesight have joined a group of ambitious fintech startups chosen to make a trip to London. It’s great news for the successful share portfolio tracker company.

At Abletech we’re proud to have been associated with Sharesight from the very beginning.

Abletech directors, Marcus and Nigel, built Sharesight in 2007. They partnered with father-son team, Tony and Scott Ryburn, to bootstrap and develop the popular software. Sharesight is now enjoying success as an independent investment utility.

Congratulations Sharesight team — leading the way with a vision to scale globally.

This week the Australian Financial Review featured an article detailing the trip, who’s going and what’s involved. It’s a reciprocal visit; UK fintech startups came down-under in March.

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