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This week LinkedIn and Social Matrix hosted an afternoon of ‘Social for Business and Government’ at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington.

Speakers presented tips for using social media as a professional business tool.

The afternoon promoted social media as a measurable, targeted and highly effective channel for generating leads, retaining customers, building business reputation, educating others and engaging potential/existing clients and customers.

Social Sellers: Josh, Nick, Mike, John, Jo and Wanita

Social Sellers: Josh, Nick, Mike, John, Jo and Wanita

Speakers gave insights into how they use social media to engage with their target markets.

Key messages

  • Because people can scale, we should

  • Trust is important. Digital reputation matters greatly and is best built through carefully crafted content generated over time

  • Good content charms the recipient

  • An active, evolving, multi-channel, social presence is vital for any organisation

  • Sales has changed. Before you meet with people they expect you to understand their business and their problems. You must present new or different insights when pitching B2B or B2C

  • Prospects will go online to research both their problem and your online reputation long before you talk

  • Ensure your business’s core values are visible through your online content and digital footprint

  • Anecdotal evidence speaks loudly — what others say about you matters

David Watson

As the Head of Acquisition from LinkedIn, David revealed that Kiwis are LinkedIn’s biggest adopters. He said Kiwis use LinkedIn not only as a recruitment tool but also for marketing, selling and as a professional news feed or educational platform.

He recommended reviewing LinkedIn profiles to make sure they read well from customers’ perspectives and present a strong professional brand. David said a LinkedIn presence can be crucial for finding the right people and for being discoverable by both potential hires and to grow client relationships.

Nick Fox

Sell to people who share your worldview

Drawing from years of experience, including in the postal services industry, Nick has set up Jumping Fox Interactive, with a team of eleven and an office in Toronto. He focuses on a ‘buyer designed sales process’ and promoted a tool called Relm for tailoring and targeting sites for very specific audiences. Nick said that even large enterprises with multiple problems are looking to trust a person.

I want someone, that I trust, to help me navigate to the right outcome

Since we are time-poor we need to be smart about how we generate and curate social content. True to his word, he brought his go-pro along and recorded his session — check out Nick’s LinkedIn profile.

Wanita Zoghby-Fourie

As the Managing Director of The Online Business Academy Wanita was well placed to share insights and experiences of branding and reputation.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room

Wanita quoted recent statistics that say 90% of people trust personal recommendations. She talked about how consistent and authentic communication and content is crucial.

Let your core values shine through

Jo Brothers

Previously in Digital and Social Media for Air New Zealand and Westpac, Jo has recently established

Jo shared insights, on what has worked for her and valuable lessons she has learnt from working in and with social media channels. She talked about using social media not only for sales but for creating ‘movements’ and giving them momentum. She is passionate about being creative in the social space and is interested in video and virtual reality.

Mike Roxburgh

As the GM of Sales & Marketing at Fronde Systems Group, Mike talked about how markets, technology and buyer behaviour have evolved over time and how the salesperson’s role has also changed. Mike drew from his experience in the digital and social world.

It’s the sales experience that drives customer loyalty

Mike gave insights into sales language that works. He talked about establishing credibility using phrases such as ‘what I’m seeing in your industry’ to describe problems and ‘you need to think about this’ to land insights. He talked about the pain of change and how to discuss the consequences of doing nothing.

John Chow

John started his session with a video documentary that outlined his back story and personal struggles with poverty, failed ventures and depression. As half of the Chow Brothers, he is now the joint Managing Director of CGML Limited. John explained he’s been active on social media for a long time but that more recently he’s sought to improve his ‘controversial’ reputation. He’s become very active and intentional about how he uses LinkedIn over the past two years.

My family are important to me; I also share my personal side and family stories

John posts or shares on LinkedIn daily and has almost 5000 connections and followers. He has gained important business connections and hires from his LinkedIn profile. He said that he seeks to stand out:

Instead of just using the title Entrepreneur I added a $1billion target by 2020

John’s LinkedIn profile:

Unstoppable Entrepreneur with a $1b target by 2020 (NBR Rich Lister since 2013)

Josh Borgia-Frost

As a ‘career salesperson’ Josh shared many insights into selling via social media channels. He talked about connecting with prospects on appropriate channels, connecting with influencers, being very present on social media and how critical good and regular content generation is for building a trustworthy online reputation.

He quoted a startling recent Workstream statistic that highlights how effective video is as a social media tool:

Video works 1200% better than any text/images combined

Josh recommended telling the stories of your business using the tools available within your organisation, be they copywriting skills, video, stories, blog articles, technical tips, talks, reviews, customer insights, personal stories, hobbies and passions.

He said that when Social Matrix audit a company’s social media they look at the capability, commitment and capacity within the business. He recommended continuous improvement and development in the social media space.

The afternoon wrapped up with a Q&A session — an opportunity to ask any of the speakers a question. The speakers were informative and thought provoking. The event kept a lively pace. Around 300 people attended and each attendee will have gained insights from the wealth of experience in the room. Thanks to LinkedIn and Social Matrix for hosting the opportunity to take a deep dive into Social Business.

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