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We’re carbon zero, now what?

How do our actions impact the environment? We want to reduce our carbon footprint — the greenhouse gases we emit. We run our office on carbon zero electricity, and we’ve reduced our software’s CO2 emissions, but what else can we do to protect our planet?

We believe in collective power, so we’re keen to work with organisations that align with our values.

That’s why we are investors in the Sustainable Business Network. SBN works for system change in climate, waste and water. Collectively we can act to enrich the people and nature of Aotearoa.

Our CEO, Michelle Harvey, explains Abletech’s investment partnership with SBN.

Wherever possible we look to support fellow SBN members when we make purchasing decisions, as we can be assured their values largely align with our own. We also look for opportunities to be involved in community events such as World Environment Day tree planting

What does Abletech do?

It’s simple. We get complex software running efficiently. We’re a kiwi company with a solid reputation. We collaborate with clients to get their systems running smoothly. Organisations trust us for friendly reliable software. We’re easy to deal with and we run a carbon zero office.

Read about our recent work with [BDO Gisborne — Accounting and Financial Reporting](http://BDO Gisborne — Accounting and financial reporting).

Sustainability highlights

  • Clean energy efficiency

  • Smart procurement, supply chains

  • Zero waste

  • Wellbeing, community, health

  • Smart transport

  • Design, innovation, disruption

  • Good food

Sustainability actions

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