Article | Taking to the skies

Taking to the skies

Find out what these guys have been up to in the weekends…

Originally published November 2015:

Oliver and Dawn are both doing an Accelerated Free Fall course; an eight-stage course to gain a licence to skydive solo around the world.

Rather than doing tandem skydiving where an instructor guides the ride, they decided to ‘do it properly’ and work towards a licence to jump solo.

Dawn has always wanted to fly and says she’s now ‘addicted to the feeling of a wing above me’. As well as being terrifying and exhilarating she reckons it’s an experience of total freedom.

Oliver says that being up there is ‘the most amazing feeling’. He reckons that while the training course gave him lots to think about initially, he’s done a number of jumps and it’s starting to feel natural.

After completing 25 jumps skydivers get an A-licence which allows them to skydive at most drop zones (DZ) around the world. At the moment they fly up from the Hood Aerodrome in Masterton.

Oliver’s keen to jump most weekends to get his licence and it won’t stop there. He says he’s got some things to try after that.

If you’re interested in taking a leap, check out the Masterton DZ.

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