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Tracking hours

It’s about time

We needed a time tracker but we didn’t want to build one. Why reinvent the wheel? We found MinuteDock and we’ve been using it since 2010.

What’s MinuteDock?

MinuteDock’s an app to record the time you spend working.

We use it every day. Each of us has a login. We either summarise our work after the fact, or hit the start/stop button as we go. It quite simply does the job well. It tracks our time. It’s not expensive. We can add clients and track the time we spend on different tasks. It integrates with Xero and we use it for payroll and billing.

It might sound odd that a software development business would ‘buy in’ software development but it’s actually really common and efficient. We can get on with development for our clients, and our own services, and utilise time tracking tools built by our peers.

We’ve grown since 2010 and MinuteDock has scaled seamlessly with us. As a long-term customer we were delighted to be highlighted in MinuteDock’s business community series recently.

MinuteDock’s worked well for us and we’d recommend it.

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