Article | Young New Zealander of the Year

Young New Zealander of the Year

Congratulations to Kendall Flutey: co-founder of EdTech start-up Banqer

We’re excited to see Kendall’s been recognised for growing her idea into Banqer: a successful revenue generating financial education app.

We have a special interest in Kendall. She joined our Abletech team in 2014 and quickly developed her Ruby on Rails skills. Amongst other projects Kendall worked on our in-house service AddressFinder. She combined her programming skills with her business background and was such an asset to our team. AddressFinder is now a high performing profitable service used by over 1000 websites in New Zealand and Australia.

In April 2015 Kendall joined a team of Abletech women who visited Wellington Girls’ College to talk about what it’s like to work in the Tech industry. In 2015 Kendall won the BNZ Start Up Alley competition. And she officially became an inspiring woman. Then Kendall left Abletech to teach kids about money!

Because Kendall’s skills are so wide-ranging she was able to guide Banqer from conception, through technical development, to become a popular and successful life-tool. Kendall’s equally happy in the classroom or the boardroom, and fosters corporate and social partners with ease. We’re big fans!

Over 70,000 Australasian kids are now becoming curious about money and confident in finance, for free, thanks to Banqer. How cool is that?

Kendall’s fully deserving of the title: Young New Zealander of the Year. She’s using her myriad of skills to better the financial education of students. It’s paying off. Kids are talking with their parents, teachers, and fellow students about financial decisions, tax, investments, insurance and savings. Kids are interested in the economy and how money shapes our world.

Congratulations Kendall 🥂 you deserve cake.

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