Resource | An introduction to Elixir

An introduction to Elixir

A guided refactoring of a beginner’s module

Find out more about Elixir by sitting in on this Abletech tech talk from Nigel and David at Abletech.

This presentation covers some of the Elixir Design Patterns, and a guided refactoring of a beginner’s module into a more Elixir native style.

David and Matt K were new to Elixir. They went through an exercise, with Nigel, where they refactored some Elixir code. Sit in on a video where they talk through how it works:

This talk was also delivered at a recent Wellington Elixir User Group meetup. These meetups are normally on the second Wednesday of each month. If you’re keen to meet up with others who are interested in Elixir then this is the group for you.

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