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Chatbot & Natural Language Processing

Alexandre Barret’s been using a Chatbot through Facebook Messenger. Sit in on this Abletech Tech Talk. He’ll walk you through how it all works and share an example of it being put to very good use for finding the perfect burger 🍔

Natural Language Processing and Facebook Messenger 101

The talk covers the basics of implementing a chatbot through Facebook Messenger using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) API called RecastAI.


  • NLP — how to to identify user intents

  • NLP — how to train and improve your bot

  • Messenger — how to create a hello world chatbot using the Facebook-Messenger gem

  • Example — overview of the development of 🍔 BravoWellyBot in Ruby

Alex also gave an overview of the chatbot at a Wellrailed Ruby on Rails meetup in Wellington. Thanks for sharing your learnings and insights Alex.

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