Article | ❤️ Could you restart a heart right now?

❤️ Could you restart a heart right now?

Where is your nearest AED? There’s an app for that ⚡

Where can I find an AED?

Locate your nearest AED free here:

What’s an AED?

An Automated External Defibrillators (AED) deliver a short, powerful electric shock to help a heart regain its natural rhythm.

An AED is used to help anyone whose heart suddenly stops pumping. A person in cardiac arrest will fall unconscious and will not be breathing normally. Seconds count. An AED will increase someone’s chance of survival by up to 80% if applied immediately.

AEDs can be used with no training. The machine will tell you what to do and it will not allow a shock to be delivered unless appropriate.

Find out more about Restart a Heart Day.

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