Article | A très chic lunch

A très chic lunch

Celebrating all things French in Nouvelle-Zélande 🇫🇷

In France, Bastille day falls in the middle of summer. French people make the most of the public holiday to enjoy the sunshine and heat. This is not what we can expect from the 14th of July in New Zealand.

At Abletech we have two resident Frenchies, Alex and Cass. Alex, originally from New Caledonia, had to adapt to the cold southerlies of Wellington’s winters. To brighten up the short days and celebrate Frenchness, he thought it would be nice to throw together a French lunch.

Together Alex and Cass made quiche, croque monsieurs (a French, and fancy version of a cheese toastie), chocolate mousse and crêpes.

We had a great time and Abletechers enjoyed the bonding opportunity, as always, made easier by full bellies and delighted taste buds 🇫🇷

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