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AddressFinder: location data intelligence and geocoded SaaS

Custom software is designed for a specific purpose, user or organisation. Read about our Abletech SaaS (Software as a Service) product AddressFinder.

Abletech built AddressFinder to make online shopping smoother, easier and faster. It simplifies the process of collecting and verifying addresses for everyone from florists with deliveries, to insurance companies with large databases.

The popular cloud-based address verification product has a growing customer base in New Zealand and Australia. Developers use the smart software for auto-completes in online check-outs, spreadsheets and APIs. AddressFinder receives five-star reviews in developer circles and is highly regarded for data quality and reliability.

Software as a Service — AddressFinder

Over the years, online shopping has seen exponential growth. As e-commerce has boomed, businesses have needed a quality predictive address autocomplete service, and organisations have needed trustworthy address validation for identity checks and address list verification.

The challenge

Online checkouts were slow and frustrating. Typing mistakes were common. Misdeliveries were frequent and expensive. Address errors caused problems for users, suppliers, couriers, returners, senders. This had a significant impact on budgets, brand reputation and revenue. Due diligence checks were required for customers. The software solution would need to be reliable, accurate and fast. Abletech knew how to help.

The Abletech difference

In addition to building custom software solutions for clients, Abletech also develops its own Software as a Service (SaaS) products. AddressFinder is one of these.

Abletech acquired, developed, nurtured and scaled AddressFinder into a service trusted by companies throughout NZ and Australia. If you’ve shopped online, you’ve probably used AddressFinder. It’s a secure and reliable address verification solution.

Nigel Ramsay, Technical Director at Abletech, chose Ruby on Rails for AddressFinder’s development.

The beauty of building or rebuilding software is that you can choose the best available tools. We knew what would be best and we built AddressFinder to be here for the long haul

AddressFinder combines two of Abletech’s strengths: business and geospatial tech.

It’s user friendly. Developers enjoy the experience of integrating AddressFinder with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. They appreciate the easy API and widget documentation. In addition the friendly AddressFinder support team is on the end of the phone if ever needed.

Part of what made the implementation stress-free was the great developer documentation

— Jamie Toy, Chief Information Officer at Cove Insurance

The result

The carefully chosen technology behind AddressFinder makes it robust for businesses and sustainable for developers. AddressFinder is known for high quality data, reliable service and excellent system security. Financial services needing address verification for customer due diligence use it to streamline their legal requirements.

It’s really important for us to have a valid address for each customer. As a financial service we need to ensure our customers are actually who they claim to be

— Dan Silver, Chief Operating Officer at digital brokerage service Stake

AddressFinder customers trust it again and again. It’s mobile-friendly, makes checkouts fast, gives online stores valid deliverable addresses, and gives their users a great experience.

AddressFinder helps make our website intuitive and easy to use

— Liam McCarroll, Technical Lead at BetterBatt

Abletech’s development of AddressFinder was born from a desire to offer a quality address solution. It continues to offer quality data, a secure system and great service. Since 2010 AddressFinder has enjoyed impressive growth.

Watch this space for further international expansion.

Custom software development services

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