Article | eTrixie — part 12

eTrixie — part 12

On The Road

Now that eTrixie is ready to drive, the final step is Certification.

Obviously, certification was a goal at the outset of this project. Before I started I pored over the LVVTA Standard for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (see Part 1) and now it is time to see if eTrixie passes the standard. I have enjoyed this aspect of the process because the LVVTA are enthusiasts who have worked with the New Zealand Transport Agency to create standards so the vehicles can be modified or even scratch built.

The standards I have worked with have been clear, practical and the intent behind the requirements is easy to see.

eTrixie under inspection at the LVVTA

eTrixie under inspection at the LVVTA

I am very pleased to say that eTrixie passed and is now fully certified as an electric vehicle.

Certification plate in place!

Certification plate in place!

This project has been so much fun! But I have to say that driving eTrixie is even more fun than I imagined.

Most of the time, for ‘round town running’ 3rd gear is fine. But if I want to take off quickly at the traffic lights then 2nd gear is great! On the motorway I do change into 4th gear. Coming off the motorway I often don’t think about which gear I’m in and stay in 4th.

Surprisingly you can actually start off in 4th gear and not really notice. Because you don’t need to change gear very often when you are moving you seldom need to use the clutch. The electric motor gives the driver a lot of control, especially reversing which is an absolute pleasure. I pop eTrixie into reverse without needing the clutch. Reversing is effortless, even up steep grades! Read more about the conversion:

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