Article | eTrixie — part one

eTrixie — part one

Carl Penwarden reckons he’s inherited a VW Beetle gene. He’s on a mission to convert his car into an electric Beetle. In part one there’s some research to do and certification to prepare for.

My Dad started young with Volkswagens and his father had Beetles too. I sat my drivers licence in a 1963 Beetle, the first car I owned was a ’59 Beetle, and today I have a ’65 Beetle which my eight-year-old daughter loves riding in.

I got to thinking, how can I make this vintage car relevant to my daughter when she is ready to start driving? One answer is to make it electric! Andy at Abletech pointed me at the Zelectric website. They custom build classic electric beetles.

After doing a bit of research I ended up talking to EV West who designed the electrics and build the custom components for Zelectric. That discussion sealed the deal and I ordered a DIY electric conversion kit for Trixie, our ’65 Beetle.

Before ordering the kit, I investigated what is involved with making sure I end up with a road legal car. I’ve learnt about the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA) who oversee the certification of these types of modifications.

I have become familiar with the LVVTA’s Low Volume Vehicle Standard 75–00 (Electric and Hybrid Vehicles) and the certifier has been very helpful as we’ve discussed making Trixie electric.

Read more about the conversion:

Stay tuned!

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