Article | eTrixie — part six

eTrixie — part six

The New Fuel

As mentioned in part five we have a new AC electric motor which is controlled by an AC motor controller. The AC motor controller will ‘invert’ the DC battery supply to power the motor. So the new fuel is electrons!

In eTrixie’s case the new fuel is 37 LiFePo4 cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate). The cells are nominally 3.2 volt /180 Ah each. When all these are joined, in series, they create a 120 volt battery delivering about 22kWh of power.

Each cell weighs 5.6kg. These will be distributed, in two banks, in the old fuel tank position:

and 25 on the luggage tray behind the back passenger seat:

A local engineering company did a fantastic job building boxes to house the batteries. At the same time they worked with the LVVTA Standard to ensure the boxes meet certification requirements. The standards are well explained we were able to build and install the boxes according to these standards.

Front box with some cells in place

Front box with some cells in place

Rear box with cells in place

Rear box with cells in place

Now that the batteries have a home — the next step is to wire everything together! I’ll cover that in part seven.

Read more about the conversion:

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