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Getting Ready

Priority number one is people. We’ve moved into a new office that will maximise our safety in an earthquake. Now it’s time to refresh our under-desk go bags.

Each of us needs a bag we can grab. A small backpack of essential items to grab if you have to quickly evacuate with little or no warning. It’s especially important if you will have to walk a long way to get home during an emergency.

Everyone’s bag is different. Here are some items to consider for your go bag:

  • Walking shoes

  • Water and snacks

  • Essential medications

  • Lightweight raincoat and a hat/beanie

  • Torch

  • Radio

  • Small first aid kit

  • Gloves

Abletech Show Your Go!

On September 12th we’ll take a look inside our Abletechers’ Go Bags to see who’s got what.


See the Get Ready Get Thru page for more information.

Buy a pre-made Grab & Go kit.

Find out more about keeping safe and getting alerts.

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