Article | Glenn Jones Art loves straightforward shipping

Glenn Jones Art loves straightforward shipping

Family business Glenn Jones Art guarantees customer satisfaction.

Few things are more satisfying than receiving an online order faster than expected and being delighted with the quality of the product.

Their secret to success? Streamlined processes and efficient business systems. Oh and Glenn Jones creates simply beautiful art.

Art and Science

When an engineer runs the family business the results are impressive! Such is the case at Glenn Jones Art where Glenn’s wife Julia applies mathematical precision to running the business.

Julia analyses and uses the best technological tools to make their business hum. The Glenn Jones Art website delivers a simple shopping experience using ecommerce platform Shopify. The website reflects the creativity of the products for sale. It’s simple, refreshing and fun.

Shipping Address Errors

One of the benefits of using Shopify for online retail is the ability to tailor it to suit the needs of your business. For Glenn Jones Art they want their customers to receive their new art asap. They don’t like shipping address errors!

Enter AddressFinder

The AddressFinder plugin for Shopify adds autocomplete to the billing and shipping address fields for New Zealand and Australian Shopify Stores.

Online businesses such as Glenn Jones Art get:

  • Verified addresses — typing mistakes are fixed as they’re entered and the addresses are accurate

  • Simple integration — the JavaScript widget and API require zero programming ability

  • Happy customers — misdeliveries and returns are sorted

Glenn Jones Art customers get kiwiana and pop culture inspired art. Glenn and Julia get an efficient online business.

That’s satisfying!

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