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Necessity > invention

Innovation born from lockdown

During covid lockdown we maintained business as usual, working from home. Life went on but we missed our team tradition of gift giving.

Babies were born. Milestones were hit. Appreciations were awarded. We usually celebrate with gifts but had to change things up. Enter the invention of SOS Café.

We gave SOS vouchers and they were redeemed post-lockdown. Recipients could choose their vouchers then look forward to supporting local once it became possible.

SOS Café

David Downs launched SOS Café in March 2020 so people could purchase vouchers online. These vouchers embodied the promise of a future visit to cafés and restaurants. Our developers chose to support favourites like Whistling Sisters, La Cabrita, Havana and Soul Shack.

Was it Plato who said necessity is the mother of invention? The initiative supported 2,500 businesses across NZ which sold over $2,000,000 in gift vouchers.

SOS Café awarded

At the NZ Food Awards 2020, SOS Café won the Food Heroes Innovators Award.

An amazing initiative that provided much needed cash and support to local cafés — Food Awards Judges

Congratulations SOS. Well deserved. Thanks for helping us as an Abletech team but also for your role in supporting our team of five million!

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