Article | One Rai$ed Bed — 1

One Rai$ed Bed — 1

I’ve been enjoying a little gardening over the past 9 months and, as spring has hit and summer approaches, I am keen as to create something special in the garden.

The problem: writing about gardening is not popular as only gardeners like anything related to gardening. Also, the typical 67 year old gardener knows more about gardening than me so, even if they found their way here (unlikely), they would not stick around.

The solution: spin this in the direction that all kiwis are interested — money. Also, in order to make it a little more attractive, I am going to try and make it sound like something you would want to do at your home (assuming you don’t live in an apartment or underground).

The challenge: I am going try and make a raised garden bed and have it pay for itself (financially) with six months. No doubt it will also be a healthy choice, as well as being environmentally friendly, but best of all it will allow me to justify my excessive donut consumption habit.

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