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Pink shirt day

Feeling safe, valued and respected

We promoted positive social relationships and celebrated Pink Shirt Day with aroha and respect at Abletech. We joined the Mental Health Foundation’s campaign to open up conversations that prevent bullying and nurture mental wellbeing.

Pink Shirt Day is New Zealand’s annual bullying prevention campaign. It supports workplaces to stop bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting kindness and inclusiveness. The resources encourage investing in relationships with tips on how to be supportive and active.

Our day helped promote Abletech’s new leadership commitment to staff wellbeing via personal support options and services.

Ask more, tell less

One of the aspects promoted by Pink Shirt Day is creating a mentally healthy workplace by encouraging positive communication that builds trust and collaboration. Leaders and managers (and their teams) can use this resource to build a culture of positive communication together, based on having clear intentions, asking more — telling less, valuing relationships and making it safe to speak up.

#SupportAndRespectForAll #DoTheRightThing

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