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It’s a RubyFest! Wellington is hosting two Ruby events back-to-back: Rails Girls Supercharged and Kiwi Ruby.

For the first time ever Rails Girls Wellington are running an event designed for people who no longer feel like beginners.

Traditionally, the annual Rails Girls workshops are friendly, supportive introductions designed for women who want to get started with tech. These workshops give participants both the tools, and a community, to build their ideas, skills and confidence.

But this year Rails Girls are branching out with an advanced Supercharged event! And it’s great timing with Kiwi Ruby conference the following weekend. People coming to Wellington for the conference can arrive early and help with, or attend, the Supercharged event too.


Rails Girls Supercharged⚡️

Sat 28th — Sun 29th October | Enspiral Dev Academy, Wellington, NZ

Kiwi Ruby

Thurs 2nd — Fri 3rd November | Te Papa, Wellington, NZ

Rails Girls 2017 Supercharged ⚡️

This Rails Girls event takes you one step further.

Rails Girls Supercharged is a two-day FREE workshop for all people with non-binary gender identities, or who identify as girls or women, with basic experience using Ruby on Rails. The aim is to help you deepen your knowledge by building on top of your first website, or a similar beginner application. It’s a fun and supportive environment where it’s OK to make mistakes and our wonderful coaches will help you navigate through any tricky parts. Along the way you’ll meet great people, eat yummy food, and listen to inspiring talks.

Spaces are limited and applications close Sunday 15 October, 11pm. To register, please fill out the attendee application form.

If you already feel like you’re not a Ruby on Rails beginner anymore, the organisers are looking for passionate coaches. Are you willing to volunteer some time to share your love of programming & tech with those that want to learn? You’ll get a limited edition shirt too! Apply to be a coach here.

Check out the Rails Girls Wellington site for more about the Supercharged event.

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