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Seven Sharp Spike

If you don’t have this app, you really should get it.

Spike in AED Locations visitors after the Seven Sharp team highlights how to save a life using the AED Locations app.

The AED app is free and easy to use, it shows the locations of all the nearest AEDs.

We all need this app on our phones:

We all need this app on our phones:

Kiwis got busy after watching Seven Sharp, downloading the life-saving app. Find out more about the app, why we built the app, and improvements we’ve made to the app.

The death rate after a sudden cardiac arrest is three times higher than the annual road toll and if it happens outside of a hospital the chances of surviving are only ten percent. Watch Seven Sharp Could you save the life of someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest? | TVNZ… Outside of hospital, the chances of survival are only 10 per cent.

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