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Sushi workshop

Work-life balance and team culture rolled into one

One of our Abletech Team Values is being Sustainable. For us there are a few themes that sit under that. One is that we value good work-life balance, and building a strong team culture.

Hence our sushi workshop.

We asked Japanese-Kiwi husband and wife duo, Yoshi and Helen, to help us refine our sushi-making skills. Yoshi was the perfect sushi master to oversee our learning, his wife Helen led the workshop, and three sushi experts demonstrated each step alongside us.

We learned how sushi rice is cooked and broken up, mixed with sushi vinegar, and rested. We used our special mats to roll maki sushi (with seaweed on the outside) and uramaki shushi (with rice on the outside).

The people at Yoshi are experts in all areas of Japanese culture and food so we were trained in the best technique of preparing and rolling sushi. We were able to eat our sushi and take some home.

Best of all the workshop reminded us that our team culture is so important to us. We connected and communicated with each other as we unleashed our inner sushi creativity. The workshop was good for learning a new skill to use at home and in our lunchboxes, and great for team morale.

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