Article | Partnering for our planet’s wellbeing

Partnering for our planet’s wellbeing

The Sustainable Business Network

Abletech is proud to have joined 499 other New Zealand businesses as an Investor for Impact in New Zealand’s Sustainable Business Network (SBN). Together we want to make the world a better place for generations to come.

As a collective with influence, the group is committed to:

  • working together to empower businesses so people and nature can prosper
  • investing in making a collective impact on climate change, waste and nature
  • supporting the restoration of New Zealand’s waterways through our contribution to ‘Million Metres’ – a programme that connects local waterway restoration projects with large-scale funding and resources.

It was a no-brainer

We chose to support the SBN because its values align very closely with our own. We believe in the power of collaboration and support nation- and world-wide efforts to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

“Wherever possible we look to support fellow SBN members when we make purchasing decisions, as we can be assured their values largely align with our own,” says Abletech CEO, Michelle Harvey. “We also look for opportunities to be involved in community events such as World Environment Day tree planting.”

Passion about making changes for good

Ever since Abletech was founded in 2006, we’ve been committed to doing as much as we can to minimise our footprint on planet Earth, and to exploring new and more innovative ways of doing so. For example, we:

  • measure and aim to continually reduce our software CO2 emissions
  • run our office on carbon-zero electricity
  • have reduced our software CO2 emissions, and will continue to do so
  • measure our households’ carbon footprint.

We also:

  • operate smart procurement and supply chains
  • encourage smart transport.
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