Article | Volunteer-led coding weekend — RailsBridge

Volunteer-led coding weekend — RailsBridge

Opening up the world of coding to people willing to learn.

Volunteers and participants at the 2018 workshop. Photo cred: RailsBridge

Volunteers and participants at the 2018 workshop. Photo cred: RailsBridge

Here at Abletech we’re proud sponsors of RailsBridge. We’re impressed with the dedication of the volunteers. We’re keen to support people who are genuinely interested in learning to code. And we know that team-work is key in web development, as is collaboration, patience and perseverance.

Over the weekend sponsors, volunteers and tutors joined forces to learn and teach. These weekends rely on sponsoring of everything from venue to food. Wellington’s Flux Federation HQ provided this weekend’s venue. Coaches prepared. People signed up. Amazing food was donated.

The idea of sponsored coding weekends started in San Francisco. People who are new to programming show up with an open mind, willing to learn. People with some coding experience teach all weekend and share their knowledge.

The atmosphere is inclusive and non-hierarchical. The formal goal is to transform tech culture by generating leaders, teachers and mentors who empower the underserved.

RailsBridge — Rails Girls

Previously Rails Girls, the RailsBridge organisers now push for diversity of all kinds in tech. These weekends gained popularity teaching Ruby on Rails to women but now they’ve broadened it out to cover gender, race, sexual orientation, ability and class.

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