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Welcome Kyoko

We are excited to welcome Kyoko Pohe to the Abletech team

Kyoko has experience in a variety of sectors including finance, travel and fitness industries. On top of her Bachelor of Arts, Kyoko has also graduated, in web development, from Enspiral Dev Academy. They even borrowed her for their billboards!

Kyoko knows multiple technologies and frameworks, and is experienced in a variety of programming languages including JavaScript, React and Redux.

A number of Abletechers have studied at Enspiral Dev Academy. They come equipped with solid technical skills, but also with the interpersonal skills that enable agile collaboration, teamwork and leadership. At the Academy they spend over a thousand hours coding and work on collaborative projects using TDD and agile.

Kyoko loves a challenge. She enjoys the fact that no two days are the same working in web development.

When she’s not providing technical and customer support to AddressFinder customers, Kyoko enjoys planning new projects, pair programming and updating code. Kyoko also loves going to the gym for calisthenics and crossfit training.

It’s great to have you on board Kyoko!

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