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Check out the speakers for this week’s Wellrailed meetup:

Regan Ryan

Regan Ryan will give an introduction to Ruby Meta Programming — learn the nuts and bolts of how Ruby works, and begin the meta-programming journey

Mathew Hartley

Mathew Hartley will introduce and demonstrate Amazon’s IoT, as well as some of the big data tools like Athena and Quicksight. The goal is to show a few of the (quite interesting) tools you wouldn’t be using in production, in the context of recording house temperatures.

Come along

Thursday 27th July. Held at Optimal Workshop: Level 2, 2–12 Allen Street, Wellington. Doors open at 5:30pm with talks starting at 6:00pm. Pizza and chatting/networking after the first talk.

Join the conversation

Meetups are on the 4th Thursday of each month. Further details are on the Wellrailed site or in the Ruby NZ Slack channel. Get an invite from the official Ruby NZ site. Don’t forgot to join the #wellington channel as that’s where discussion and announcements about these meetups happen.

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