Article | What makes us tick

What makes us tick

Figuring out our cultural cornerstones

At Abletech we’re proud of our team’s culture. This week we identified exactly what our team values are. It was great! The workshop was facilitated by our GM Michelle. Everyone had a chance to speak and we collaborated to agree on four team values.

In the days leading up to our collective values workshop each of us thought about our best strengths and what we value most about Abletech.

Surrounded by inspiration, we paired up to share our values and agree on three or four. After a few rounds of revisions and feedback we identified four shared values we have at Abletech.

The next stage is working out what our values mean in practice, how they are woven into our daily work, and any areas for improvement. What a great way to reset our focus and remind ourselves what’s most important about how we work. It’s also giving us a useful reference of our team’s cultural cornerstones.

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