Article | Coding newbie to junior developer

Coding newbie to junior developer

My internship at Abletech

The big switch

I felt the need to grow. I was dissatisfied with the opportunities offered by my established career so I considered my options.

I knew I had to choose a new path. But what? I wanted something exciting, that offered change and growth.

Coding’s very accessible. It’s easy to give it a go for free. After trying my hand at a few online courses, I quickly became addicted.

I discovered that I love getting my head stuck into creative problem solving.

Learning to code (and more)

I enrolled in a local coding bootcamp. After nine weeks I found myself with fresh new skills but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. A traditional uni degree gives you time. Bootcamp doesn’t.

Before I knew it I understood the basics of web development. I’d crammed a whole lot of new information into my brain and I was set free into the world.

Now what?

Job hunting

Putting myself out there for a job was daunting. I’d heard good things about Abletech. When I saw that the company was looking for an intern I was keen to apply.

Fortunately Abletech’s recruitment process is a positive experience. I enjoyed the interview and pairing day with the Abletech team.

Every member of the Abletech team was approachable and welcoming from the get-go. The interview process was run by Sam and Santosh. They both made me feel at ease. I was impressed by the efficiency of the process. Before I knew it, Sam called to announce the good news.

I had a real life developer job!

Starting at Abletech

I was beyond excited. I had a few days before starting on the job so I spent some time following a Ruby tutorial, as it would be the language I would be learning and using at Abletech.

Adjusting to a new job can be difficult. The Abletechers are patient and approachable. They made me feel comfortable and provided a great learning environment.

My team lead, Joseph, got me started and he continues to help me keep track of my progress. He is considerate and switched on. Joseph makes sure that I know where to go, what to do, and that I don’t feel too overwhelmed.

Abletech has a flat structure and is interactive across teams. For example, I have regular coffee catch-ups with Marcus, one of the directors. I don’t work directly with Marcus so it’s great to connect with a person outside of my own team.

Continuous development

Learning and growth are paramount at Abletech. As a bootcamp graduate, I wanted to learn a lot. I did a lot of pair programming and, six months on, still do. It’s a great way to understand how to approach a problem. It allows me to learn a great deal in a short period of time.

It’s all about the people

My favourite things about working here are the people and the culture. I think I could find opportunities to develop my coding skills in a lot of different places, but what makes Abletech stand out is the kindness, compassion and consideration of its members, whilst observing strong work ethics and striving to deliver high quality products and code.

When we are not working on delivering great software, we can be found learning together to improve our soft skills, participating in monthly tech talks or socialising in the kitchen over quiche or craft beer.

Would I do it all again? Most definitely!

I’ve made multiple major changes in my life which have been more or less successful.

Changing my career for tech is one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you’re curious about coding don’t wait — try a free online course. You might find yourself tempted into a new career.

Taking on an intern might be new for some tech companies but it’s been a positive experience for both me and Abletech. Interns can bring a new perspective. It’s a win-win!

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