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Our neighbours

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of our resident craft brewery and restaurant. Friday’s the day

We’re whistling a happy tune at Abletech because our Ghuznee Street offices are above the Whistling Sisters brewhouse. We’ve been sampling the beer made downstairs and it’s excellent.

Abletechers Matt Ramsay and Kate Norquay gave a nod to Wellington’s brewery tradition by harking back to the early days of New Zealand’s most popular alcoholic drink.

Matt and Kate go ‘olden days’ in the brewery

Matt and Kate go ‘olden days’ in the brewery

Award-winning chef, John Allred, will be heading up the busy kitchen. There will be lots of rich pickled and fermented flavours, excellent charcuterie, and they’re even upcycling the used pilsner beer grains in the bread.

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Perhaps the coolest thing about the Whistling Sisters is that it was started to help the Karen Louisa Foundation keep going. This Foundation funds research into secondary (advanced) breast cancer.

Cheers Whistling Sisters 🍻

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