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HTTP/2 accelerates Addressfinder

HTTP/2 delivers a significant improvement for Addressfinder customers.

Last week we upgraded the software that powers Addressfinder. We turned on HTTP/2. It’s made the autocomplete even faster.

HTTP/2 is a major change in the way web browsers talk to servers. This is the most significant change in a decade. In the case of Addressfinder, HTTP/2 changes the way a browser talks to the API.

Faster performance

The time it takes, for a browser to communicate with the server, and the time it takes for the response, has been significantly reduced.

For a business’s end user, this equates to speed. Addressfinder will be even faster than usual for them, especially if they’re using a mobile device. It will also be noticeably faster for an end user on a computer that has a slower internet connection.

HTTP/2 enables a short-cut when setting up the encrypted link. In essence this removes a transaction which naturally speeds it up.

Single connection

HTTP/2 allows multiple requests to connect. Traditionally multiple connections were used for multiple requests. Only one request could be outstanding on a connection at a time.

HTTP/2 is ‘fully multiplexed’ so it can use one connection for multiple requests. It can also intermingle parts of one request with another.

Here at Addressfinder we’ve been waiting for this infrastructure upgrade. This is a performance gain for our customers, and for their customers. The best possible user experience comes from the fastest possible process, so trimming time off requests simply makes life better.

Do I need to do anything?

No. There are no changes required at your end. The Addressfinder system will continue to support HTTP/1. If a user’s browser supports HTTP/2 then they will benefit from the improved functionality.

My site is not encrypted

HTTP/2 is only for encrypted website connections.

If you’re not using the HTTPS version of our JavaScript widget then this doesn’t apply. You should switch to loading the AF widget with HTTPS and you’ll see an immediate improvement.

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