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CEO of Abletech

Michelle Harvey recognised and promoted

Abletech is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle as Abletech’s new Chief Executive Officer.

This announcement comes as Abletech prepares for its next phase of growth and Michelle brings the energy, skills and experience required. She’s also a great cultural fit for the company, and its community.

Michelle’s sound leadership has been evident over the past year in her role as Abletech’s General Manager. In addition to a new company structure, she has put in place solid processes and bolstered the team.

The board has approved, and launched, Michelle’s business plan to achieve Abletech’s three-year-strategy goals. This pairs well with the restructure which is now in effect.

Abletech Holdings Limited is now the company holding 100% of the shares in Abletech Ltd, AddressFinder Ltd and AddressFinder Pty Ltd. Michelle is now the CEO of this group of companies.

Board Chair Carl Penwarden explains, “in spite of covid we have had a very good year and we are excited about the plan that Michelle has for the year ahead”.

Michelle brings fresh perspectives to Abletech and is on a mission to navigate the business and its people through the current conditions, while working towards a long-term vision to grow sustainable shareholder returns.

Michelle says, “I’m delighted to lead a team of dedicated and knowledgeable people who adopt clients’ aspirations as their own”. The respect is mutual. At a recent team meeting Abletech founders, Nigel and Marcus, gave Michelle an Appreciation Award articulating the team’s gratitude for her hard work, approachability and outstanding results.

“The growth and restructure of the company is exciting,” says Michelle. “And I’m also dedicated to maximising our team’s personal growth, diversity and flexibility.”

One of the first things Michelle did when she joined the team was workshop and refine team values.

“Our team values are strong,” says Michelle. “And we’re very interested in organisations whose values align with our own.”

“We’re exploring partnerships to further drive our diversity and to support Māori and Pacific representation into the future.” She points to programmes such as TupuToa and Te Whenua who support such commitments.

“We’re also active within the sustainability community and are genuinely keen on better outcomes for all.”

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